The Dybbuk, hearing Yetta's complaints, concocts a way for her to become her Moms: she sews costumes that look exactly like Yetta's two Moms. Yetta hops onto her stilts, slips inside a Mom suit and takes off for her Moms' jobs. Trouble follows.
Yetta and the Fantastic Mom Suits, an LGBT children's book by Jano Oscherwitz Have a question or comment for the author? You can reach Jano here Prancing Goat Books, 2016
Paperback, ISBN:
36 pages
Yetta & the Fantastic Mom Suits, a picture book, is a modern version of a Jewish folktale featuring a mischievous spirit, a Dybbuk. Yetta is tired of her Moms telling her what to do. She wants to be the boss! She runs to the back yard on her stilts and spies a Dybbuk sitting high in the tall pine tree.
Jano Oscherwitz is a union organizer, a writer and an artist. She was a member of the Jewish Lesbian Writers' Group for seven years. The wild antics of her son inspired her to write Yetta and the Fantastic Mom Suits. Jano lives in Oakland, California with her wife Kate.